What you should know about Thymuskin®

  • The dermatological Thymuskin system stops hair loss and activates new hair growth
  • Its positive effects have been confirmed by several German and international renowned skin clinics and university hospitals
  • Thymuskin contains the unique active ingredient complex GKL-02, a bovine-free mimicry of the natural thymic peptide total extract – clinically proven
  • It is save and has no side effects
  • Thymuskin provides also a tool to monitor the success. Using the Thymuskin Hair Count Methode means to determine a valid benchmark. When hair loss declines, you can see it immediately.

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Independent Study confirms effect hypothesis

An independent study* has precisely analyzed and determined the cellular process of hair growth: the thymic peptide Thymulin acts as a direct modulator of human hair follicle growth. Thymuskin contains Thymulin, along with other biologically highly active thymic peptides (free of animal ingredients).

In the laboratory testing, this thymic peptide led to high growth rates in human hair follicles. It interacts with parts of the neuroendocrine system, and right those hormones are produced, which are involved in the regulation of human hair growth (such as prolactin and thyrotropin). This mechanism of action stimulates also in Thymuskin Shampoo and in Thymuskin Scalp Serum the process of hair formation and thus supports  natural hair growth.

*Meier N et al.: Thymic Peptides Differentially Modulate Human Hair Follicle Growth. Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2012) 132, 1516-1519


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Positive effects & cosmetic tolerance of thymic peptides on hair loss re-confirmed: Current study of the University of Milano

Thymuskin Web App Icon

Thymuskin Web App

The Thymuskin Web App including the hair count record. The determination of the number of hairs lost is recommended and useful. This way you can reliably determine if hair loss is decreasing.



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Eveline F., March 2015

Losing ones hair is very traumatic.  …Thymuskin works for me.  I used it in 2004 after I had an operation and lost my hair. Then I had to go through chemo in 2008, lost quite a bit of hair. …I then went through chemo again in 2011/2012, I lost 80% of my hair from the sides and back. I was very depressed. …Recently I started losing my hair again, not sure the reason.  I have been back on Thymuskin and have decided to add it to my budget
and use it for the rest of my life. I wanted to let you know what a great representative you have in Joe. Thank you for this wonderful product.